About Us

Welcome to Certified Mompreneurs. A great year of 2012, lots of hopes and wishes to look forward to. To all aspiring moms and moms-to-be, supplement your lifestyle and stay active in your golden years to be a part of certified mompreneurs.

Obviously, the collapsed of the economy unlock the doors to innovative creation of momprenurs who are artistic, inventive and productive. In today’s financial downturn, there’s no other ultimate option or career choice which offers flexibility except for being as Mompreneur. What’s better than you being the boss? We are not at the begging side of our employer to be fired out or laid off anytime. Right? All your hard work pays off. A Mompreneur is a full life-a rewarding stay-at-home business.

Balloon Bouquet Business

With a very low investment, you can start a part-time balloon bouquet service and it's a surefire earn big profits.  You can even turn this business into a full time and expanded business.  Great add-ons are streamers, banners and event planning service, depending on your ambition and goals.  This type of business benefit --is you can work at home. 

As mompreneur, we are the so-called the “Mother of Invention”.  We’ve got the sense of creativity, so why not make big splash with a balloon bouquet service.  Design a balloon bouquet arrangement for all occasions like weddings, birthdays, graduations, baby showers, grand openings and inaugurations.  The demand for party balloons is continuous- clients are everywhere, and of all ages, in any occasion. Let it be your imagination be your guide, doing balloon bouquet is a lot of fun.  Simply adding little thoughts from the balloon bouquets like stuffed animals or candy, just a flair for creativity and attractive package. Done.   No doubt you’ll make large sales.  Send brochures to your friends, business organizations and follow them up.  Place ads in the local newspaper of your expertise.  Donate a few bouquets to business grand openings.  All of whom you can take advantage of your services as part of publicity.